Our Expertise

We specialize in representing biomedical companies before the federal government and associated stakeholders.

We put our team’s collective experience and expertise to work for our clients, enabling them to stand out above the competition. We provide strategic counsel to help you build ever-greater visibility with government and other relevant stakeholders – so you can achieve your business development goals.

We assist life sciences companies and organizations in harnessing the power of the federal government to advance their research and policy objectives.

Unmatched expertise. Specialized skills. Trusted relationships.

Our expertise is based on our experience as staff in:

  • Congress
  • White House
  • Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)
  • Department of Defense (DoD)
  • National Institutes of Health (NIH)
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

We also have a cadre of consultants that we can draw on for expertise in almost every field in medicine.

Our consultants specialize in:

  • Cancer research
  • Vaccine development
  • Antimicrobials health policy
  • Diabetes research and treatment
  • Reimbursement policy

Specialized Services

Tens of billions of dollars in government funds and other non-dilutive sources become available each year for research and development, commercialization, and procurement of medical products and services. We help our clients improve their chances of success through strategies tailored specifically for their technology and the targeted entities involved. Specifically, we build a funding strategy that leverages the core funding factors:

• Ability of a company’s technology to serve a perceived need
• Strategic location of a company’s research and manufacturing facilities
• Selection of academic and other partners
• Political and commercial credibility of the organization and its products among public officials

Having a sophisticated voice on Capitol Hill may protect or enhance one’s business interests amidst the heat and confusion of national debate. We assist clients in navigating the complex legislative terrain through the:

• Identification of targeted legislative initiatives
• Advancement of tailored strategies to meet specific business objectives
• General representation and monitoring of legislative and funding issues relevant to clients

We utilize our broad and diverse wealth of talents to ensure alliance development strategies to engage the right mix of partners and direct outreach efforts effectively. Specifically we work for our clients to:

• Designing alliance development strategies that achieve solid goals in a fluid policy environment
• Identifying outreach opportunities in a strategic, coordinated fashion that maximize resources and impact
• Accessing a diverse network of partners to help champion solutions with a common purpose and singular voice
• Providing valuable research, data analysis and reports on important trends related to public policy or research objectives
• Managing all aspects of outreach efforts to ensure resources are deployed appropriately and outcomes achieved

We are recognized for our ability to implement sound, goal-oriented advocacy. Our results-oriented government affairs strategies on behalf of our clients involve:

• Conducting substantive policy analysis and message development
• Developing bipartisan stakeholder strategy and direct engagement
• Designing decision-maker influence mapping
• Managing coalitions of like-minded companies or individuals
• Providing legislative and regulatory insights

We help clients identify and consider all stake holders when creating federal, foundation, and entity-specific marketing strategies. Specifically we deliver for our clients:

• Analysis and prioritization of government agency targets according to client objectives
• Preparation of targeted materials
• Participation in key meetings and events with relevant stake holders
• Development of a professional network
• Relationship management

We assists coalition clients in managing their direction and support of particular patient, business, or industry interests when a significant national policy issues arise. Our team helps to:

• Build consensus and develop a unified strategy
• Craft messaging and communications
• Coordinate activities on Capitol Hill
• Expand access to Congressional offices